Poker is a game where players try to win by making a series of bets with the aim of having the highest hand. The game is played with a standard pack of cards, each of which ranks from Ace to ten. A poker hand is made up of a pair of cards, two of a kind, three of a kind, or five of a kind.

Usually, two decks of cards are used. Each deck has a different back colour. When playing Texas Hold’em, a 52 card deck is used. However, other variant games use a variety of packs.

After the first round, the dealer deals cards to all the players. The players then reveal their hands. If there are no ties, the highest hand wins the pot.

When there are ties, the high card breaks the tie. This is especially useful if there are many people with a high hand of the same type. For example, if there are three players who all have a flush, the high card breaks the tie.

Players are able to raise their bet, pass, or fold. If a player raises, all the other players must call.

Normally, poker involves betting in a clockwise fashion. After a betting phase, a new round of cards is dealt to all the players.

If there is a draw, the amount of the pot is split evenly between all the players. In a draw, the winning hand does not reveal its hand until it is revealed.