Uncle Nick

By Mark Zajac

Do you merely meet expectations?

My Uncle Nick’s service station was on the south side of Chicago.

One afternoon a customer called…from Danville! Apparently, he was downstate on business and his car broke down and he wanted to get home tonight. Nick asked his location and said he would send someone down right away. Jerry drove down in the tow truck, picked up the customer (and vehicle), drove him home and brought the car back to “the station” for repair.

That’s almost 300 miles round trip, in the mid-1970’s, before Google maps, Smartphones and Garmin (remember an archaic tool called a roadmap?)! Do you think the customer was thrilled? Would you be?

How do you treat your customers? Do you merely meet expectations?

Competition is tough and there is always a competitor more than ready to take business away from you. Do you give your customers a reason to continue doing business with you AND recommend you to everyone they meet? Remember, meeting expectations is “table stakes”.

What do you do to actually thrill your customers?

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