Balancing Your Work and Life


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EIGHTY-SIX PERCENT (86%) of professionals see work-life balance as a problem and intend to do something about it.  If you’re not doing anything to support yourself and your top talent, there’s one unfortunate possibility:  many will leave your company.  Organizations that “Close the Gap” between the need for productivity and the employees’ need for balance in their lives are more productive and innovative; leading to higher profitability. We train employees at every level to manage their own work-life balance while holding themselves accountable for necessary results.  Our interactive approach challenges people’s established priorities and encourages you to find new solutions to old problems.

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Overcoming Business Blind Spots

Team Triad Coaching

TWO-THIRDS OF NEW BUSINESSES FAIL WITHIN THE FIRST TWO YEARS! Unfortunately, many of these businesses could have been saved if only the owner would have sought help. Whether you are a startup or a third generation business, no matter your revenue level or number of employees, if you want to take your business to the next level all it takes is the openness to recognize that you don’t have all the answers and the WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE. We will: 1) help you clarify your life goals and create AWARENESS of blind spots and hidden business opportunities; 2) EDUCATE you in best business practices and 3) Hold you ACCOUNTABLE to achieve peak performance.

Opportunities Through Digital Marketing

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The yellow pages are dead! These days if you are not online, your business may die a slow painful death.  Google search and social media are two top tactics that businesses like yours implement everyday to drive qualified prospects back to your business where a highly effective web site can convert them into paying customers.  Netwave Solutions can craft a custom online strategy for businesses of all types and sizes that is designed to bring those prospects into your sales funnel and help to add dollars to your bottom line.

Building Customer Relationships

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Bryant Marketing is a Greensboro based company that implements a wide range of marketing functions for businesses and organizations in many industries. We have a team of experienced specialists with diverse backgrounds in a variety of marketing areas. Please visit our Web site at

Bryant Marketing acts on our client’s behalf when it comes to project management. Whether it is creating marketing material or building relationships with media contacts, Bryant Marketing oversees a project from initial concept development through execution staying on target with timelines and budgets. We understand that your objectives and priorities are unique and our goal is to advise you on the best possible path of action and ensure to execution of the established plan.


Managing Operating Expenses

We provide “Corporate Cost Reduction” services in use since 1993. ERC consists of former purchasing, negotiating and marketing professionals from top corporations with diverse areas of expertise. We operate on the business reality that executives overseeing the indirect spend of companies rarely are in a position to be aware of ongoing knowledge and opportunities that exist in these various industries to significantly reduce costs. This lack of knowledge and experience costs firms 5% to 50% to their bottom line.

We operate on a “Pay for Performance” guarantee where our compensation is paid out of the excess fees that are being charged by current vendors; by reducing that current vendor cost or bringing other vendor opportunities to the table for client consideration. Instead of responding to continuing cost reduction events we establish a proactive “Expense Reduction Culture” where sustainable cost reduction savings can be obtained. Using ERC to analyze, research and negotiate will allow employees to focus on their core business tasks, yet maintain a firm handle on those direct spend costs. This allows our clients to provide more efficiency and productivity gains.

When an “Expense Reduction Culture is created the company will reap long term benefits and rewards.

Protecting Your Brand

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