Coaching vs Consulting

By Randy Moser

The number one misunderstanding when we speak to people regarding our practice is knowing the difference between coaching and consulting. There is a distinct difference and it is not a mere exercise in semantics. You hire a consultant based on their expertise and input into a problem. The project most likely has a start and finish timeline and you pay a fee for the consultant to prepare a deliverable; be it a report or finished product. After the completion of the project, the consultant moves on to another one of their assignments.

Coaching is different. As a coach, our role is to assist you in a process that involves action and results performed by you, the owner of the business. We assist you in becoming aware of any blind spots in your business that may present opportunity or barriers to efficiency. Too often a well qualified owner becomes entrenched in the day to day activities and becomes blind to areas of improvement. As a Coach, we also accelerate the process of learning about “best practices”, so the owner can educate themselves quickly and efficiently, allowing for immediate impact on their organization.

Finally, we hold the client accountable to themselves in meeting the goals/aspirations they have set for themselves. The athlete needs a second or third pair of eyes to fine turn their performance. The business playing field is no different.

All this is accomplished through a series of actions that follow a defined process which includes assessments, educational material, weekly coaching around weekly and quarterly goals, as well as a well defined one page strategic plan.

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