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Question: How can I stop wasting time doing e-mails?

Answer: A good effective way to do email and be effective is to schedule 2-3 time slots throughout the day and discipline yourself not to engage in email activities unless inside these times. Example: 30 minutes first thing in the morning, right after lunch for 30 minutes or at the end of the day for 30 minutes. Everyone has a tendency to be distracted every time you hear or see an email has been delivered. Control your impulse and maximize your other business tasks.

Question: Everything I work on is a number #1 priority. How can I prioritize without missing something important?

Answer: Look at what you are spending your time on and break each task into one of four categories: Important/Urgent, Important/Non-Urgent, Non-Important/Urgent and Non-Important/Non Urgent. Determine where each task goes and start working on the Important/Urgent tasks. Activities that are Non-Important/Non-Urgent should always be at the bottom of the list. Unfortunately we have a tendency to work on items that we like rather than what needs to be done and spend time in this bottom priority category.

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