Ask the Coach

Question: How can I build a customer relationship fast?

Answer: You can’t. Building customer relationships is a process and cannot be accelerated or you risk the result of being short lived. Think about it, look at any strong relationship you have in your life and think about how long it took to develop that relationship. Next time you are at a networking event, slow down and focus on the start of one or two new relationships and see what happens over time.

Question: Why can’t I talk about my products or services to the prospect?

Answer: You can, however the focus should be on the benefits of your product/service to the end-user rather than about you and your product. Bridge the gap between what you are selling and the benefit to the person consuming the product/service and you now have the start of a relationship. The focus needs to be on them and not you. If you do this with genuine intent, the results can be very dramatic for you as well as your organization.

Does your marketing message focus on the right thing?

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